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social media wolverhamptonUsing social media to market your business and brand is a given for most digital strategies. Businesses can devote countless time, effort, and cash building a positive image on-line. However, all the hard work and investment can be undone in moments if you don’t remain savvy on social media and safeguard your whole digital marketing plan. So, for that reason, we’ve highlighted our top tips on how to stay safe on social media whilst simultaneously protecting your brand.

Educate employees

It’s very likely that the bulk of your employees are on some form of social media platform, there’s so many out there now they’re hard to avoid. As a result of this, companies with social media Wolverhampton should educate employees to make sure they do not share, post or engage in anything that may reflect negatively on the business or have a negative effect on the brand. After all, your team are an extension of your whole brand; therefore their presence on social media should mirror your organisation.

Be reactive

In today’s digital world social media is often a person’s first impression of a brand, it’s therefore extremely important to get it right. It’s also many people’s first port of call if they have any problems, and, as it is a public platform a business needs to respond not only quickly, but also appropriately. On the flip side, social platforms are also a great way for customers to see positive feedback from other people that have praised the brand. Having a great team that can quickly reply to any social interactions, both positive and negative, is a good way to highlight your brand’s fantastic customer service.

General security tips

Cyber security has got everyone talking at the minute with lots of news stories popping up about information breaches. Social media on Wolverhampton accounts are often a gold mine for cyber attackers, especially with how many people use social media. With that in mind it’s vital that as a business you do everything you can to tighten security. AIM Internet has put together some general security tips for how to stay safe on social media and online:

  • It sounds basic; however guaranteeing your accounts have complex passwords that include a mix of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers will help protect your account from anyone gaining unauthorised access.
  • While on the subject of passwords; you should remember to change it on a regular basis (as annoying as that is).
  • Where possible, use multiple levels of access, for example a text message sent to a mobile number with a code to enter or perhaps a password alongside facial recognition.
  • Again, this may seem obvious but restricting who has access to your social media accounts can reduce the risk of your details falling into the wrong hands. Limiting access to only a few members of the team gives you more control over the security of your account.

Social media is something every business should be investing in; it offers great opportunity in marketing your brand and engaging with your customers, it’s just important to remain savvy, as a bad social media campaign can do a lot of damage.

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How to stay safe on social media and protect your business’ brand
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