It goes without saying, that as a business you want to gain as many likes and followers as you can across your social platforms. Social media for business is more important than ever. Businesses spend thousands constantly striving to find different ways to increase the number of Instagram followers or Facebook likes. However, have you ever taken the time to ask yourself why?


Why is social media important for business?

The simple answer would be, the more likes and followers you have the better it reflects on the performance of your business. And frankly, no one is ever going to tell you a big social following is a bad thing. The more followers you have the more likely you are to peak other people’s interest if they see your brand on social. In fact, some businesses even buy likes and followers just to increase the headline numbers. Side note: this is never a method we recommend. The only good thing about a disengaged large following is that it can give the impression of a company that is popular and trustworthy.

But what good are all those followers if they don’t engage with your brand? Disengaged people don’t become customers.


Does my business need lots of followers to be successful?

Having a large business social media following is great, but what’s even better is a loyal and engaged following. This is built through organic likes and follows. It will ultimately lead to increased sales and build your businesses authenticity. As a business, your goal should be to attract likes and follows from users who have a genuine interest in your products or services.

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How do I get organic likes and followers for my business?

Firstly, you need to create and publish relevant content within your industry. The aim should be to create content that will add value to your potential customers. You want them to see you as a trusted authority.

You should share your expert knowledge, give advice, tips, how to’s, product information, anything your customers might find interesting or useful. Use your knowledge to identify questions that you know your customers will want answers to. Then, write creative and interesting content based on those questions. You can also offer incentives to people for sharing details of your business.

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Interacting with Social Media Followers

Secondly, make sure you interact with your target audience. When you get likes or comments on your content/blogs it is imperative to respond to them. People like to know that they have been noticed and listened to. Additionally, you should always reply promptly to any questions or queries that are posted online. The key to turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer lies within the time frame that you reply. Furthermore, it is important that not only offer good customer service but that you are seen offering good customer service. What starts out as a complaint can turn into a positive review. It will also build confidence in people that your company is one that can be trusted.


Social Media Influencers

Thirdly, consider using social influencers. Social media influencers often have a huge following and people take notice of them big time. If you partner up with one you can expect to gain a lot of quality followers. This is because you are joining a very established community. If you’re on a tight budget then consider working with a micro-influencer. They will deliver great results at a lower cost. Furthermore, their aim is usually to climb to the top of the business, and as such they are very motivated.



Finally, don’t shy away from freebies. This might not always be your first instinct when you’re looking to make money but people love something for nothing. It’s a simple fact that this is one of the fastest ways to gain followers. You don’t have to give away vast amounts of freebies. People are happy just to be in with a chance to win, especially if the item has value. This way you are also pretty much guaranteed that only people interested in the product or brand will take part.


In Summary

Likes and followers remain important to for your social media business accounts. But, they hold a lot more value if they are organic. An organic following will offer your business a chance to build a trusted community that is engaged with your brand. Subsequently, leading to better conversion and return custom. Paid for likes and followers can make your online profile look more impressive. However, it will not increase sales or profit margins as there will be no user engagement.

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