What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is powerful tool that allows you to get your products or services back in front of potential customers that have already shown an interest in your business. By reminding these customers of a product or service they previously viewed, while they continue their journey on the web, you are increasing your chances of them returning to make a purchase.

Remarketing keeps you at the forefront of their mind. It encourages them to return to your website, where they’ll hopefully become a customer.

Is Remarketing Worth the Money?

The idea of remarketing is not something new. However, it has never been so accessible to business owners as it is now. Implementing retargeting ads for your is a no brainer. The benefits of remarketing far outweigh the cost and time invested. Not to mention, there is no better way to get repeat exposures to potential customers.

Therefore, you can nurture and convert more of the leads your website is generating.

How Does Remarketing Work?

A large portion of the leads your website gets will not convert on their first visit. That’s why it’s so important to get your product or service back in front of them. Sometimes it can take repeat exposure of up to 6 – 12 times to get the conversion. You might get 1000 visitors per month but only 20 conversions. This means there are 980 leads, you have the potential to nurture in hope that they will return and make a purchase. All these people need is a reminder, in some cases an additional incentive, and an easy route back to your website to complete the goal.

How We Can Help

Our Black Country based digital agency can dramatically improve ROI for your business with our remarketing ad campaigns. Reduce your cost per lead, cost per acquisition/sale and start converting more of your hard-fought leads.

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