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The benefits of website developing for your business

Do you need a website design agency in Sandwell? With a rapidly developing technological world, we now live in a different era. One that often relies upon digital media to optimise profit, awareness and brand reputation. For businesses alone, the embarkment of the...

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What Is Evergreen Content & Why Do You Need It?

It’s actually a marketing myth that you need to post content 20x a week to drive steady traffic to your site. Of course, there is a place for trending topics and to help boost traffic but once the topic is no longer relevant, your content will too become irrelevant....

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Web Marketing Agency or In-House team?

Is it better to do your digital marketing in-house or partner with a digital agency? This is a question we get asked over and over and it’s an important question for every business to consider. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer and it may be that a...

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5 Ways SEO And Website Design Go Hand-in-Hand

If you’re trying to improve your website’s performance, it’s important to remember that you have to focus on numerous factors simultaneously for the best results. It’s human nature to focus our attention on one or two important elements, in the meantime we can...

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Benefits of Blogging for Marketing

Blogging is not a new strategy. In fact, it’s one of the earliest forms of social media still very much alive today. So if you’re thinking about creating quality content for your business, then check out the benefits of blogging for marketing here.  Having a web...

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Why It’s Important to Respond To Positive Reviews

Responding to reviews… whether you love them or hate them, they play a huge part in your online business and SEO. While it might seem obvious to invest a lot of time and careful consideration into how you respond to a negative review, positive reviews often go by with...

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Do you really need more Instagram followers?

It goes without saying, that as a business you want to gain as many likes and followers as you can across your social platforms. Social media for business is more important than ever. Businesses spend thousands constantly striving to find different ways to increase...

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Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Are you considering hiring a digital marketing agency? No matter what business you’re in, you need digital marketing. Why? Because we live in a digital world. Your customers are all hanging out online. If you’re not hanging out with them then your missing...

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