Welcome to the 5th instalment of our blog series: SEO Agency based in Walsall – How To Rise Above The Noise Using Local Marketing. This week we expand on looking at how to get your website on the first page of Google by using a smart organic search strategy.

In our last blog, we looked at the importance of getting on the first page of Google. We examined how our methods of using local marketing tools are driving traffic to the homepage. Consequently, producing fantastic results for a client of ours. This week, we’ll expand on part of that methodology. We are using an organic search strategy to drive traffic to particular product pages or blog pages. Then we will link through to specific product pages. We also do this via Adwords, although this is something we’ll look at in more detail in following blogs.

What Is An Organic Search Strategy?

To start answering the question ‘how to get your website on the first page of Google?’, let start off small explain organic searches. An organic search strategy consists of finely key-worded product pages or blogs. They get picked up by Google each time one is published on a website. At this point, you might be thinking “I’ve already got all the information about the products or services I offer on one page of my site so I’ve nailed it, right?” or “I make rubber plugs, why the heck do I need a blog about those, who is going to read it?!”.

OK, so you might not be totally wrong about the last point (but hey, you never know, there might just be a rubber plug enthusiast out there who would LOVE to read your blog about them!).

Getting back to business.. How our SEO Agency based in Walsall can help with your digital marketing.

Google Is Smart

Creating separate product pages on your site and posting blogs is all part of your organic search strategy. Simply doing so creates more pages on your website containing the relevant keywords. Therefore, they are more likely to me found and Google can index them. The more relevant, unique pages and content you have on your site, the more chances of your website being shown on the first page of Google.

The important things to note here are relevant and unique. Google is smart and will penalise your site if you post up a load of duplicate pages and content. The same goes if your keyword stuff makes your content unintelligible. This is done if you jam too many keyword phrases into your posts and pages.

Our SEO Agency In Walsall Recommends

We won’t go into it here but we recommend that you take some time to familiarise yourself with good content practice. That includes following referencing protocols if you are using content from another site. For example, you might choose to do a blog post which rounds up the “5 best things about rubber plugs”. In addition, using information from other websites. That’s absolutely fine, but just remember to acknowledge and reference your sources correctly. Here’s a great guide on How To Cite Sources & Not Steal People’s Content from HubSpot, which we highly recommend.

Why Do This?

Pages To Expand The Content

How many pages are currently on your website? Probably not that many? If you currently have one page that discusses your 10 different products, separate them out into individual pages. This creates 10 extra pages to your site virtually overnight. You’ll be able to expand the content around each product. Therefore, mentioning the relevant keywords, too. Whereas, on the original page, you may have only listed the type of products you sell. You can now go into more detail about each product or service on their own page. Furthermore, this naturally allows for an articulate way of including more of your desired keywords on your site. As well as, avoiding the extreme no-no practice of keyword stuffing.

Blogging Creates New And Relevant Content

Google likes new and relevant content. Each page becomes a new way for traffic to come to your site. Of course, once the core pages of your site are done it’s likely that you won’t be updating those that often. Which is why, as part of any organic search strategy, we advise our clients to do regular blogging. And, in the case of blogging, the more regular you post the better.

Employing an organic search strategy such as this means that traffic enters your website not via the traditional route. For instance, arriving at the homepage. Instead it might enter on a product page or a blog post page. Therefore, these are written around a specific topic, which then links to a product page. Typically, customers will land on one of the product pages of our client’s websites. This is due to the organic search that we’ve set up for the client.

Our Client In The Manufacturing Electroplating Sector

Lets look at an example…

If you’re in the pressed parts trade you might do a search in Google for “copper plating”. Google will take into account your location (it gets this information from your settings) and present to you the most relevant results. Let’s say you’re Midlands based, as is our client.

As a result of this search, people enter the client’s site on the Copper Plating product page. Once on the page, you are presented with all of the information you need about “copper plating”. In addition, some important trust points about the company. Our analysis shows us that from landing on this entry point people also then navigate to other pages on the site. From this example in particular, we can see that “zinc plating” is the next most popular page. Once on their website, this alternative page is now easily found in the navigation bar above, under “Plating Services”. From our research, most people stay on the “zinc plating” page, as they’ve found what they want. But, if they want more depth they’ll go onto “zinc nickel plating”.

Make It Easy

Once on the website, the customer is presented with everything they need to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, if you were that person looking for a company who were experts in the field, then, bingo – you just found them.

Straight away, serious buying customers get what a snapshot of relevant information once they are on the site. Because of the trade they’re in (pressed parts), they become interested in making an enquiry straight away. We’ve measured this extensively on this client’s site plus many others’, and know that it works. You need to make it easy for your customers to find information on your site and this method works by doing just that. Everything has be there for the user so that they’re not having to look for things too much.

SEO Agency In Walsall Can Show You How It Works

Most people will find you through a long-tail keyword search. These are keywords that tend to be more specific. Your website content should be driven by the keywords that your SEO advisor gives you. They need to advise your outsourced content providers of these keywords so that they can write content around them.

From an SEO perspective, when we started working with a Midlands based thermoplastics company, the number of keywords we had to work with was much less than it is now. The site was receiving much less traffic that it does today. This meant that there were nowhere near as many clicks or impressions being recorded. This impacted on the number of keywords being presented to us by Google. At the time we were only getting about 300 keywords presented, yet a year or so on, Google is now presenting 800 keywords.

How to get your website on the first page of Google? We Get Results

As a result of the organic search strategy we have implemented, like that we discussed earlier. Traffic gets signposted to their website all based around these 800 keywords. And, now we have more of those, we can start creating content based on different keywords and keyword phrases. Through testing the blogs, we are able to determine which keyword phrases are the most successful by analysing which ones have the best impressions.

“High Impact Polystyrene” is a key term for them. We know that this keyword phrase works well so we use it regularly in their blog headlines, in the h2 sub-headers and throughout the blog text. But, we ensure we use it professionally and never keyword stuff.

Quality Content

Due to our organic search strategy, we are providing more content to Google. This is recognised by them and results in Google starting to suggest more keywords which are relevant. We then create content based around these suggested keywords and their variations. As we post regular content which uses those keywords, Google views this as quality content. Therefore, provides us with even more relevant keywords. We then use these to continue to push the search and content strategy. The result is more traffic. But more than that, in getting more traffic, Google rewards you for quality content. And so it continues…

A Tool Called Moz

We use a tool called Moz https://moz.com/ to help us fine tune our keywords. Going back to our thermoplastics client example, according to Moz, Google is now giving us 1600 keywords which we can use as part of our quality content strategy. We’re getting more keywords and the process is exponential – we started with 300 keywords; this went up to 800; now it’s 1,600; we’re expecting the next batch to be 3,000!

Times Have Changed

As little as five years ago, most searches were conducted using just two keywords. Today people use an average of five words per keyword search term. What was once a keyword search for “plugs” is now a more unique phrase of “the best luxury rubber plugs”. As you can see, the one word keyword has become a keyword phrase made up of multiple words. Searches are now more unique and these long-tail keyword phrases more specific.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that every keyword search represents an intent by someone to find some information out. Long-tail keywords help you to better address that user intent by creating unique tailored content.

Statistics show that of 3 billion searches a day, 20% of every search is unique. That’s a heck of a lot of unique searches – and to get displayed on the first page of Google, you need a successful organic search strategy to be found amongst all of that noise.



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