It’s actually a marketing myth that you need to post content 20x a week to drive steady traffic to your site. Of course, there is a place for trending topics and to help boost traffic but once the topic is no longer relevant, your content will too, become irrelevant. As a result, traffic to the post will fall flat. To maintain momentum from trending topics is a big task, far beyond the hours a regular marketer and content creator has in their day. That’s where evergreen content comes in and saves the day.

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Evergreen content has the following benefits:

  • Consistent traffic. There will always be people searching for your content, therefore there’ll always be traffic.
  • Saves time and energy. Once you publish your evergreen content it will continue to drive traffic to your site for years to come with little to no maintenance. As a result, you don’t need to get tied to your computer churning out tons of content each week.


How To Create Evergreen Content

So now that we’ve established the reason we need evergreen content, let’s talk about how to create it.

Here are three helpful tips

Do Keyword Research To Find Evergreen Topics

Make the most of the tools available to you like SEMrush and Ubbersuggest to find keywords with high search volume over a long period of time. When you find them, that’s what you base your evergreen content on.

Create Content Your Audience Will LOVE (Not Just Like)

There’s a lot of ‘good’ content out there, but you need to create content that is memorable and that your readers will love. As a result, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Stay Away From News, Fleeting Trends And Dates

Nothing cements your fate more than content that has an expiry date on it. News and trends come and go, you do not want this for your content. Therefore it’s important to avoid dates and trending topics when creating evergreen content.


Is There Such A Thing As Evergreen Content?

We hear what you’re saying, in a time when things move on at an accelerated pace surely there’s no such thing as evergreen content?

The answer is yes. And no.

Of course, the world is continuously changing so nothing is ever truly evergreen. For example, a beginners guide to SEO can get outdated as new trends and algorithms emerge. However, if your content is evergreen, all you have to do is simply update it or amend it whenever something new comes to light. A small refresh is all that’s needed for your content to remain relevant.

Here’s how to keep it fresh.

Review The Stats And Links Within The Content

Re-read your content and review the statistics and the links you included. Google penalises content with broken links and will even pick up on old statistics. Therefore, it’s important that you update any stats and click through all links within your copy to make sure they still work and that the content is still relevant.

Revisit User Search Intent

Behind every search is intent. Every single user who types keywords in Google’s search bar is looking for something, and it’s your responsibility to deliver what they need. However, the problem with search intent is that like everything, it changes over time.

If you want to remain relevant, make sure your content is delivered with your audience in mind and targets their current search intent.

Analyse Your Competitors

If your competitors are outranking you with their content, ask yourself why?

  • How is their content better than yours?
  • What does their content have that yours doesn’t?

Then once you figure out what it is, simply amend your content to outshine your competitors.

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Improve Your Google Ranking With Evergreen Content

As a content marketer, copywriter or business owner,  you want to create content that continues to work hard for you years after your hit publish. Quality, long-form content can help boost your SEO and your brand authority while simultaneously building trust and adding value to your audience. If that wasn’t enough, it also saves you time and effort when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

Need Help Creating Yours?

AIM Internet can help you create evergreen articles that continue to consistently deliver links, drive organic traffic to your site. As well as create a loyal following. So get in touch with us today.

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